WHEELSTO visits STUDIE AG/Base! in Yokohama, Japan

This was it…
The final stop before Johan@WSTO jumped on the plane back to the states.
We saved the best for last, and it was worth it. We finally ended our trip at the head quarter of Studie AG in Yokohama, Japan. The home of it all. Studie AG has 5 shops all over Japan including Tokyo, Sendai, Kobe and Kidnie. The owner of Studie AG, Bob Suzuki waited to meet up with Johan. It was a short meeting but very memorable. He gave him a few gifts including a Studie AG +Das Foto- photo book, and some cool goodies as well, anyways let’s tour the shop!
As we arrived to the Studie/Base!
The outside of the shop, relocated below the Yokohama train rails. The architecture of the shop is very simple, and clean. But inside it holds some of the most phenomenal BMW motor cars in Japan and all over the world. There is shop in the world like it. Some people will never understand why Studie paints their cars in wacky colors, and has anime inspired vinyl schemes but you have to understand that no one would ever think about doing those things to a full competition Super GT race car. Not only are they a tuning shop, but what sets them apart from the rest is that they know how to combine culture with motor sports in a wild, artistic and a well executed manner. Nothing like it!
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