3D Design F10 M5 Parts Spotted@Bimmerfest

With the F10 M5 being dangled in front of our US eyes we are very fortunate that some F10 owners have taken this situation into their own hands. Below are photos of a very clean F10 M5 fender conversion that features the very first 3D Design F10 M5 front lip and rear diffuser to cross the Pacific.





Presenting the 3D Design F10 M5


As BMW and more specifically the M division continue to refine their product, the skill level required in the enhancement of the automobile manufacturers end result grows almost exponentially. Albeit suspension or engine tuning, long gone are the days of “winging it” in the aftermarket industry. The passion required to create and produce components for these modern machines must equal or surpass that of the originator.

3D Design is no stranger to this process and once again has managed to embellish what many believe is the most exciting mid-size the engineers in Munich have released since the boisterous E39 M5. The 3D Design program for the F10 M5 features a robust line of carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories including a front lip, low splitters, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler. In addition to these pieces the roof spoiler from their existing F10 line will also be compatible.

The F10 M5 line will not stop at the aerodynamic portion of the brand. 3D Design will have their trademark exhaust system developed with Arqray as a technology partner. Currently the exhaust will be made available in stainless steel with quad 100mm tips providing a aggressiveness that suits the elegance of their rear diffuser. The exhaust will be made available in both a JASMA spec as well as Export spec.

The goal of 3D Design is not to hit a couple areas really well. As a entity consumed by perfection the purpose of every vehicle is to have the most comprehensive program for the given chassis. No exceptions were made for the F10 M5. In working with their technology partner Ohlins for suspension components 3D Design will have a full suspension line and is working on a external reservoir race application. The already luxurious interior of the M5 will be further enhanced by 3D Designs trademark pedal set, floor mats, and a gauge pod for more serious applications.

Although 3D Design suspension is exclusive to the Japanese domestic market, it is our top priority to bring these applications to North America and plan to do so with the F10 M5 application. All items will be ready to ship mid May and pre-orders will be taken effective immediately.



Stay Classy Japan

Life is rough when you live in North America and have a obsession with Japanese tuners. Below is a very clean and classy E89 built by Dort Japan. This particular E89 is ordered from BMW in the classy launch color of Orion Silver and features a 3D Design front spoiler as well as rear diffuser.





Keep Them Coming

The popularity of the F10 continues to spread like wild fire in 2012. Whether it is the 528, 535, or the beastly N62 equipped 550 enthusiasts are infatuated with the chassis. With the clean lines and the potential of all power plants none of us are surprised. Below is a mean F10 specimen featuring the 3D Design M-sport front lip, black performance front grill set, piano black wheels, extroverted BMW white line tail lights, and aggressively dropped on KW Variant 3 coilovers.

F10 M-sport items will be in stock next week for North American clientele.



SonicMS F10 M-sport

Located in Northern California, Sonic Motorsport (SonicMS) is currently one of the top European  tuners in North America. With a focus on premium parts and a wide array of installation services it is no doubt where SonicMS gets their reputation from. As a new dealer of 3D Design parts SonicMS has quickly become one of the top dealers for the Japanese based manufacturers. Below are photos of the new SonicMS project car. Knowing Sonic this car will not be in its current state very long.


3D Design North America E89 Featured In Bimmer Magazine

It is no secret that all of us at 3D Design North America as well as Japan are infatuated with the E89 chassis. With the recent work tuners and individuals have been performing on the chassis it is evident that our obsession is not unfounded. Following Bimmerfest 2011 in California we were surprised and humbled by the attention the vehicle received from various publications. Bimmer magazine took a special interest in the car and we were honored to accept their request for a mid summer photo shoot. Check out the shoot and article in the February 2012 issue of Bimmer or online at  http://www.bimmer-mag.com/issues/104/articles/making-up-for-the-missing-m-car

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Another Stellar Use of the 3D Design E89 Components

As the North American distributor for 3D Design Japan it is vital that when setting up our stateside operation one of our top priorities was locating a good master dealer for Canada. Based on our previous experience with MW Design as a Eisenmann dealer we knew their approach to tuning fell inline with the brand image of 3D Design. From the point of establishment as the Canadian based master dealer they have delivered with eye popping 3D Design E89’s. This project featured below was designated Slingshot. This name pays homage to the elegant, but sporty design of the E89 chassis. The rear of the vehicle features a one off paint scheme performed on the aggressive, but clean 3D Design rear diffuser. The animated 3D Design diffuser frames a Eisenmann 4 x 90mm down pipe-back black series exhaust. Too complete the rear end MW Design utilized the 3D Design trunk spoiler. Further contributing their taste in design MW Design created a carbon vinyl scheme on the trunk portion carrying onto the 3D Design trunk spoiler.


3D Design North America

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Canadian Master dealer

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