3D Design F10 M5 Parts Spotted@Bimmerfest

With the F10 M5 being dangled in front of our US eyes we are very fortunate that some F10 owners have taken this situation into their own hands. Below are photos of a very clean F10 M5 fender conversion that features the very first 3D Design F10 M5 front lip and rear diffuser to cross the Pacific.





3D Design NA Installs F10 M-sport Front lip

Having sold, installed, and been a part of many 3D Design vehicles we are always pleased with the quality and ease of install on every 3D piece. Clad in Dark Graphite Metallic our customers F10 550 M-sport was itching for some 3D Design aero. Although the weather is not very pleasant it did not deter our client from selecting the 3D Design front lip.The vehicle arrived with a fresh coat of snow and left with a fresh front spoiler.



Keep Them Coming

The popularity of the F10 continues to spread like wild fire in 2012. Whether it is the 528, 535, or the beastly N62 equipped 550 enthusiasts are infatuated with the chassis. With the clean lines and the potential of all power plants none of us are surprised. Below is a mean F10 specimen featuring the 3D Design M-sport front lip, black performance front grill set, piano black wheels, extroverted BMW white line tail lights, and aggressively dropped on KW Variant 3 coilovers.

F10 M-sport items will be in stock next week for North American clientele.



Beautiful Alpine White F10 3D Design M-sport

As the popularity of the F10 chassis increases more vehicles are beginning to receive a little touch of individualization. This beautiful Alpine White 300 F10 535 is dressed in a 3D Design m-sport front lip and rear diffuser. The rear diffuser is a clean bolt-on solution allowing customers to run a quad tip exhaust without fitment issues. The customer chose a Eisenmann sport performance exhaust with 90mm round tips. Everything from the side marker surrounds to the BMW performance trunk spoiler were carefully selected. The end result is a car that possesses a consistent theme, clean aero components, and a trademark Eisenmann tone. More on this vehicle can be found on bimmerpost.

For more information on the Eisenmann exhaust visit  http://www.ind-distribution.com/catalog/BMW%20F10%20535i%5E152.php

3D M-Sport F10 in Trinidad and Tobago

Although Trinidad and Tobago has a booming petroleum based economy it is not often that you see modified cars. This car appeared on Bimmerpost this morning and is a super clean example of a F10 M-sport.  The 3D Design F10 kits are among the best selling kits in the world. Known for their clean design and focus on refining the existing body lines of a vehicle, 3D Design Japan made no exception with the F10 kit. The featured car is dressed in the full 3D Design M-sport kit. The front lip and trunk spoiler are constructed of a durable urethane. Thus allowing the components to be painted body color for streamline appearance. The M-sport diffuser is a full carbon fixture featuring a traditional 1×1 weave. The diffuser is the perfect accommodation for quad tips.

3D Design E89 in The Big Apple

3D Design E89 kits are extremely popular in Japan, however, stateside it is a more exclusive item. This car was taken from Zpost.com and is a stunning example of a non m-sport E89. This vehicle features the 3D Design front lip and rear diffuser. The rear diffuser allows this customer to take full advantage of the quad tip Eisenmann race all the while providing for a more aggressive rear end. Paired with the matte black wheels this Space Gray beauty is a aggressive and well executed E89 specimen.

>E89 Z4 by kudac63 from ZPost

>This is couple of months old but I had to share this fine specimen of an E89 Z4 by kudac63 of ZPost.

This E89 Z4 35i has the 3D Design front lip, rear diffuser and the Eisenmann Quad exhaust system.

(Original Thread: http://e89.zpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=364161&page=2)