3D Design NA: Back to the Blog

Well after a long hiatus from updating our blog we figured it would be time to update everyone on some new releases and status changes.

F10 M5:

3D Design Japan is working with incredible precision and speed in a effort to beat the North American release of the F10 M5. Suspension, exhaust, and aero components are nearing completion. 3D Design’s aero line for the F10 M5 will be comprised of a front lip option, lower splitter, side skirts, trunk spoiler, and of course a rear diffuser. The exhaust will be released in stainless steel with the standard valve actuation. Japan also plans to develop a “U.S. sound” version of the exhaust as well as a titanium version. As promised we will be bringing over 3D Designs suspension line and what better way to start than with the F10 M5 coilover.

F20/F30 1 series and 3 series:

With the F10 M5 occupying the full attention of the Tokyo based manufacturer both the F20 and F30 platforms are currently in the back seat. Both chassis will receive the standard 3D Design treatment of aero, suspension, exhaust, and some interior bits and pieces.

In the meantime 3D Design did finish their pedal set for the F20/F30. The pedal set is brushed aluminum with the trademark 3D Design rubber grommets.


We will try our best to keep you in the loop. Enjoy!







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